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Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Former Abbey of Saint-Remi and Palace of Tau, Reims
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Type of site: Cultural
Date: 9-13 Centuries
Date of Inscription: 1991
Location: Europe, France, Champagne Ardenne Region, Département of Marne
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Description: Notre-Dame in Reims, exceptionally handling new architectural techniques in the 13th century, and harmoniously fusing sculptural decoration with architecture, is one of the masterpieces among Gothic art. The former abbey has retained its beautiful 9th-century nave until this day; it houses the remains of Archbishop St Rémi (440–533), who introduced the tradition of Holy Anointment of the kings of France. The Tau Palace, the former archiepiscopal palace, which played a significant role in religious ceremonies, was more or less entirely rebuilt in the 17th century. --WHMNet paraphrase from the description at WHC Site, where additional information is available. For 360 degree imaging of this site, click here.
  Notre-Dame de Reims (Our Lady of Rheims) is the cathedral of Reims, where the kings of France were once crowned. It replaces an older church, destroyed by a fire in 1211 and built itself on the site of the basilica, where Clovis was baptized by Saint Remi, bishop of Reims, in AD 496. --Wikipedia. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. For 360 degree imaging of this site, click here.
Reference: 1. UNESCO World Heritage Center, Site Page.
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