In this section, we offer the complete electronic archives of World Heritage Memory Net since 2006. However, because the development of this project has very close ties with Global Memory Net, we also include access to those archival materials of Global Memory Net and PROJECT EMPEROR-I for the period prior to 2006:

1. World Heritage Memory Net - This includes the complete archival materials since the official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UNESCO/World Heritage Center in November, 2006. The archive also includes those materials where both World Heritage Memory Net and Global Memory Net are mentionened together.

2. Global Memory Net - This includes the complete archival materials on both Global Memory Net and its earlier, more limited Chinese Memory Net. Sources of information provided on Global Memory Net are mostly from 1999 on.

3. PROJECT EMPEROR-I - This includes the complete archival materials related to the interactive videodisc and multimedia CD projects on the First Emperor of China's Terracotta Warriors and Horses. PROJECT EMPEROR-I was supported by the US National Endowment for the Humanities. Sources of information provided are mostly from 1983 - 1998.

Archival content consists of every possible type of publications - electronic and print. They include books, book chapters, conference proceedings, journal articles, web publishing, news releases, newsletters, brochures, speeches, etc. Whenever possible and available, the complete archival listing is linked to PDF files of these archival materials. In some cases, web screens, relevant images, webcast files, as well as PowerPoint presentations are also provided for readers' convenience.

Click any of the following to browse the desired archival materials:

World Heritage Memory Net's Archive Global Memory Net's Archive PROJECT EMPEROR-I's Archive and Products