Technical Development Staff

Under Prof. Chen's conceptual guidance and new web interface design and development, World Heritage Memory Net (WHMNet) continues to use the in-house LINUX/MySQL/PHP-based Integrated Multimedia Content Retrieval System (i-M-C-S) which was developed with substantial contributions from international visiting researchers for Global Memory Net (GMNet). (For more information, please see GMNet technical development.)  To accommodate WHMNet’s needs, much modification and enhancement of the i-M-C-S system had to be made, and some new features had to be added.  The system for both WHMNet and GMNet has been developed at Simmons College under the sponsorship of the US National Science Foundation between 2001 and August 2010. Since September 2010 until the completion of this project, the system development and modification has been supported by Global Connection and Collaboration   Since 2005, Boris Badurina has been the Technology Development Lead for this activity. 

Many staff listed under Content Development were involved in technical applications in developing the final digital application for WHMNet  under the overall supervision of Prof. Ching-chih Chen. Specifically we want to acknowledge the contributions made by Ou Sun for image and video processing, and Louise Rubin for web interface development during 2010 to 2011. We appreciate the much needed server-related support from Mircea Baciu of Simmons College.

Because of the nonprofit educational nature of WHMNet, we are grateful to Professor James Z. Wang of Penn State University for the continuing incorporation of his original content-based image retrieval technology, SIMPLIcity.