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Multimedia and multilingual are two of the many significant features of WHMNet in relation to the 911 World Heritage Sites, and we relied heavily on different specialties and knowledge brought by a diverse group of individuals who assisted with these different areas.* Among the specialty areas are:

  • database construction and metadata creation
  • image capture and processing
  • video processing and production
  • open source content identification, capture and processing
  • interface design, web development.

From July 2007 - June 2010, for language processing, we relied on inhouse capabilities at Simmons College in at least the six official UN languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish. We were fortunate to have capabilities among our student research assistants during that period for additional languages such as Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Croatian, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Hebrew, Latvian, Ukranian, etc. The students contributed to all these translations through the semesters since July 2007 are listed in the bottom of this page*.

We appreciate greatly the partnership with UNESCO World Heritage Center, whose permission enables us to use most images on their WHC site (almost 5% of our total 40,000+ images) as well as using their site descriptive information as a base for our paraphrased descriptions. We thank Tito Dupret of for permitting us to provide our users access to over 250 incredible 360° panophotographies, as well as many much-needed images captured from his panoramas. We are grateful to many collaborators for the conribution of their private image collections, such as Professor Mhammad Benaboud of the University of Tetouan, Morocco. We are also grateful to those who have assisted us in much-needed translations, such as the staff of Dr. M. D. Tiwari, Director of Indian Institute of Information Technology-Allahabad, India for the Hindi translation of all the Indian sites, and Dr. Man Bahadur Khattri of Kathmandu, Nepal for providing Nepali translations.

* Project staff

2011.06 - 2011.12   Louise Rubin

Student Research Assistants:

2011.01 – 2011.05  Graduate Assistants: Louise Rubin, Ou Sun

2009.09 – 2010.12  Graduate Assistants: Kate Huh, Jade Kwong, Louise Rubin, Ou Sun.  Undergraduate Assistants: Mathilde Monge, Majd Mulla, Mei Zhen Tan, Jessica Thanos, Laima Zvidra. [2009 only] Graduate Assistants: Jessica Brody, Jessie Howell, Undergraduate Assistants: Helen Franco, Zala Ibrahimi, Mariam Jalalzada, Whitney Stanley, Jessica Thanos, Annie Tran, Sylvia Tran, Hui Min Zhao.

2007.7 – 2009.08 Graduate Assistants: Jessie Howell, Olena Zubaryeva. Undergraduate Assistants: Adela Raz, Kholoud Aldabal, Rose Ferreira, Gloria Hernandez, Lillian I, Zala Ibrahimi, Mariam Jalalzada, Chae Young Lee, Mei Zhen Tan, Hilary Troiano, Ana Vasquez, Hui Min Zhao, Laima Zvidra. [2007-2008 only] Undergraduate Assistants: Kholoud Aldabal, Hangsheung Cheung, Ananya Dave, Cynthia Hallquist.