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Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessalonika
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Type of site: Cultural
Date: 315 B.C.
Date of Inscription: 1988
Location: Europe, Greece, Region of Central Macedonia, Prefecture of Thessaloniki
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Description: The provincial capital and sea port of Thessalonika, founded in 315 B.C., was one of the first bases for the spread of Christianity. Its history is marked by Christian monuments, such as some fine churches, a few built on the Greek cross plan while others on the three-nave basilica plan. Their construction lasted from the 4th to the 15th century, constituting a diachronic typological series, which within the Byzantine world had a significant influence. Pictured in the rotunda’a mosaics are St Demetrius and St David – great masterpieces of early Christian art. --WHMNet paraphrase from the description at WHC Site, where additional information is available.
Reference: 1. UNESCO World Heritage Center, Site Page.
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