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Alhambra, Generalife and Albayzín, Granada
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Type of site: Cultural
Date: 13-14th century
Date of Inscription: 1984
Location: Europe, Spain, Province of Granada, Autonomous Community of Andalusia
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Description: The Alhambra and the Albaycín, positioned on two neighboring hills, rise above the modern lower town and outline Granada’s medieval section. The glorious gardens of the Generalife sit to the east of the Alhambra fortress and residence; they stand as the bygone rural residence of the emirs who in the 13th and 14th centuries reined this part of Spain. The Albaycín residential district is a prosperous storehouse of Moorish vernacular architecture which harmoniously blends with the conventional Andalusian architecture. --WHMNet paraphrase from the description at WHC Site, where additional information is available.
  The Alhambra (Arabic: الحمراء = Al-Ħamrā'; literally "the red palace") is a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish monarchs of Granada, in southern Spain (known as Al-Andalus when the fortress was constructed), occupying a hilly terrace on the south-eastern border of the city of Granada. It was the residence of the Muslim kings of Granada and their court, but is currently a museum exhibiting exquisite Islamic architecture. A Renaissance palace was also inserted by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor. --Wikipedia. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.
Reference: 1. UNESCO World Heritage Center, Site Page.
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