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Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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Type of site: Natural
Date: -
Date of Inscription: 1983
Location: North America, USA, Counties of Cocke, Blount, and Sevier in the State of Tennessee..
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Description: This outstandingly stunning park that stretches over 200,000 ha is home to some 3,500 plant species, with just about as many trees as in all of Europe (130 natural species). It also houses countless endangered animal species, including what is almost certainly the world’s greatest variety of salamanders. Seeing as the park is reasonably untouched, it presents a suggestion of what temperate flora was like before it saw the influence of mankind. --WHMNet paraphrase from the description at WHC Site, where additional information is available.
  Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a United States National Park that straddles the ridgeline of the Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Blue Ridge Mountains which are a division of the larger Appalachian Mountain chain. The border between Tennessee and North Carolina runs northeast to southwest through the centerline of the park. It is the most visited national park in the United States. On its route from Maine to Georgia, the Appalachian Trail also passes through the center of the park. The park was chartered by the United States Congress in 1934 and officially dedicated by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1940. It encompasses 814 square miles (2,108 km²), making it one of the largest protected areas in the eastern United States. --Wikipedia. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.
Reference: 1. UNESCO World Heritage Center, Site Page.
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