Director - Dr. Ching-chih Chen

Ching-chih Chen is a consultant and speaker to over 40 countries.  She became Professor Emeriti of Simmons College, Boston in June, 2010 and concurrently she became President of a non-profit organization, Global Connection & Collaboration. She is the author/editor of more than 35 books and over 200 journal articles in areas of new information technologies, such as global digital libraries, multimedia technology, digital imaging, interactive videodisc technology, global information infrastructure, information management, and information resources, etc. She produced the award winning interactive videodisc and multimedia CD entitled The First Emperor of China, supported by the US National Endowment for Humanities (NEH). She has led two major National Science Foundation / International Digital Library Projects (IDLP) including Global Memory Net, a world image digital library and gateway to the world cultural, historical, and heritage multimedia resources, with collaborators from different part of the world, and this project has also led to World Heritage Memory Net in partnership with the UNESCO’s World Heritage Center.

Her activities related to these two projects have been recognized globally with numerous and prestigious awards, including the LITA/OCLC Kilgour Award from the Library Information Technology Association in June 2006, and the American Library Association’s major Beta Phi Mu Award in June 2008. The broad-based societal impact of her R&D work has been significant, and for this global work, she received the International Peace Prize of the United Cultural Convention of the USA in June 2006 for better promoting intercultural understanding during this troubled time.

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